21/05/13 – 21/05/14 Prize Log: Entry 1

Well, would you believe it………  I’ve only gone and received a WEM today.  For those of you that are non-compers this is a Winning Email, (note to self; post on competition terms would be useful).

A trip to London with £500 spending money, I don’t mind if I do!  It was totally out of the blue and put a very big smile on my face.  I have felt that these past few months I have been neglecting my comping hobby, and I couldn’t even remember entering the competition to be honest!  When I received the email, I thought straight away what great news to share on the blog.  And then I thought…..  wouldn’t it be interesting to see how many competitions I actually win in a year?  When I first started comping I used to keep a log of all entries and wins, I was very efficient.  But over the years I’ve changed computers and juggled jobs, and sadly got out of the habit.

Now I resolve to notify you of all my wins, I think it will be rather fun to see how many ‘entries’ I get up to.  I have started the year from when I made my first post which was actually 2 days ago.  The WEM for your perusal;


I did a google search to find the competition I had entered.  I was most surprised to find, (given the quality of the prize), that I was infact a runner-up!


Win a trip to a fashion capital, New York, Paris, Milan or London @ Kinder Bueno

Win a trip to a fashion capital, New York, Paris, Milan or London @ Kinder Bueno

You and a friend could soon be seeing more of the world in style – 
when you enter our competition to visit one of three amazing fashion capitals.

Grand Prize:
3 x 3 night trips to New York, Milan or Paris for two people including return standard economy flights and accommodation in a 4* hotel to be won.

Of course, fashion’s ‘big four’ are rightfully led by London. And we wouldn’t dream of running a competition without offering the chance to grab a little of our capital’s diverse style.

Which is why 10 runners up will each win a London shopping weekend for 2, with £500 spending money.
Includes return standard economy train tickets to London for the winner and their guest, overnight accommodation in a 4* hotel. 

And the next 100 entries drawn win a £50 Love2Shop voucher.

The competition was a simple prize draw, I only had to complete my name and contact details and the closing date was 30.04.13.

Now!  Can I just have a little ‘get out clause’ on my Prize Log.  When I first started comping I did, (I hold my hand up guys), enter ANYTHING and EVERYTHING going.  But after finding myself receiving items such as a bicycle repair kit, (when I do not even have a bike), and also time factors.  I made the decision to just go for prizes I really wanted.  I do win less, but I win MORE of what I want to win.

Everyone has their own opinions on this, its sometimes nice to give away unwanted prizes as gifts, or even sell them on.  I used to give away lots of tickets when I worked full time as I couldn’t always leave early, or take time off for concerts at short notice.  It did make me popular amongst my friends and it was lovely to hear their stories.  The Comping Fairy brings joy wherever she sprinkles her fairy dust!

Here’s to a successful blogging and comping year, why not leave a comment with your best guess as to how many wins I will be at on 21/05/14.

34 thoughts on “21/05/13 – 21/05/14 Prize Log: Entry 1

    • 88 – thats a target! Thank you and good luck to you too – it is hard to find time for everything isn’t it. Its the waying up whether the taking of time in the first place is better in the long run. I like to edge my bets and do a little of everything 😉 Thank you for entering my competition though, and you get an extra entry for tweeting everyday. Best Wishes, Sue.

  1. Hi Sue, I have just joined your blog after a post from Janes Grapevine on FB. You look pretty lucky to me so I am going to guess 104 – that’s two a week, easy peasy. I am looking forward to reading your blog and wish you all the luck in the world.

  2. I am a comper (there I’ve said it too!) and I love it. I win on average 8-10 times a month, so I’m gunna guess you could win 100 prizes, if you continue to put the effort in. Good luck.

  3. I would say 146 – nearly averages out at 3 per week, which I sometimes get. I tend to win the runner up prizes like tshirts & aprons,,an occasional nice one (like the Kindle Fire HD last week from Douwe Egberts) and a very occasional “biggie”. Good Luck!

  4. I’m using my friend who enters everything and wins loads, and my own results as a benchmark, but if you’re going for quality rather than quantity I think one a week maybe – say 52. Great blog!

  5. I’m going to be a bit more conservative and say 30 including small wins. I have been comping for about a month and have only won one thing so far. I need another win soon to keep up my motivation. I mainly enter competitions listed on theprizefinder and tend to avoid myoffers and topfox. I will definitely be checking out the rest of your site and I am pretty jealous of your big wins, they sound amazing.

  6. totally depends on how many hours your gonna put in.. its impossible to say.. but ill have a wild guess at 34. 🙂 good luck!.. oh and love the giveaway, my eyelashes always need a boost :).. just wish i could master applying them lol.. they always end half way up my forehead 🙂

  7. 76 :),( have only been comping for month,entered loads and only won a model car,but fingers crossed,and good luck 🙂

  8. 112 – possibly more than that hun! I’m a fellow comper, i’ve been comping since July 2012 and i’d say i’d easily won over 100 prizes! Good Luck 😀

  9. Im gonna go higher if like me you enter dailys these can add up so im gonna go with 135 but hope you get alot more good luck

  10. Hmmm…I think 36, comping is becoming more and more popular and wins are becoming more scarce. Good luck!!!

  11. Wow i wish i could win 88- only ever won once!
    But you sound like a lucky person- I guess 40? hmm this is hard!

  12. its a hard one to guess, i suppose it depends on the amount you enter 🙂
    id say….50, i hope you win more though, good luck 🙂

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