Competition: Win 3 x Pairs of False Eyelashes rrp£14

No wins for me today, so I thought it would be rather nice for me to launch the blog with a competition for you guys!  (I also wanted to see if I could get my head around rafflecopter).  The Competition prize is 3 x Pairs of False Eyelashes rrp£14 for one lucky winner.  To enter the competition please click on the link below. (It is also possible to enter from the app on Facebook, however, all entries will go into the same ‘pot’ so don’t worry which way you choose).

PLEASE NOTE! Just a little word of warning, I will be checking that the winner has completed all the tasks as specified! If the tasks have not been completed, I’m afraid your entry will be void. I have set you a small number of tasks to complete in order to accumulate entries into the draw, an additional entry is available every day when you ‘tweet’ about the competition.

This link will take you straight to where you need to be;  a Rafflecopter giveaway

Lovely lashes worth £14 - enter now!

Lovely lashes worth £14 – enter now!

This competition is unsponsored and will close at Midnight on Sunday 2nd June.  The winner will be announced within 48 hours following this date.  Be quick!  Just one week to get your entries in.

Rafflecopter is a widgit that allows you to run a competition and a truly ‘random’ winner be drawn.  I like it when I see people using rafflecopter as it takes away the human element of selection, (it is also against Facebook t&c’s to run a like and share competition).

I am using the free version of Rafflecopter (come on, I’ve just started the blog)! and sad to say that means you can’t enter the giveaway from your mobile as the ‘free’ technology doesn’t allow it.  So email yourself a little reminder now, go on then, NOW!  Have you made yourself a reminder?  And then you will remember to visit again from your laptop or pc to enter the competition there.

Good luck!

10 thoughts on “Competition: Win 3 x Pairs of False Eyelashes rrp£14

  1. It always makes me smile when people say “You are so lucky…. I never win anything…”
    and then I ask them in response “Just how many competitions do you enter?”…
    That usually sorts it!
    (PS I am only a light comper these days, but still have the occasional win.
    Still living in hope for a proper “biggie” )

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