New Years Resolutions 2014 & Wins from 2013

My New Years Resolutions are very simple this year:

1.  To get this blog up and running properly, (after 2 years in the thought process)!

2.  To dedicate more time to comping & enter more creative competitions.

3.  To keep a spreadsheet of all my wins.

4.  To be happy & lucky.

To achieve all of these things I am going to need to focus and it starts now……..


When I started the blog last year I asked you, in this post:

To guess how many prizes I would win in a year.  I had estimates ranging from 18 to 365, but in general most people felt I would win 52 times – or once per week.  I was very bad and didn’t keep up the log, (or blog), as promised, (hence New Years Resolutions)!  So yesterday I went through old emails, facebook messages and twitter mentions.

I found I had won 28 prizes totally a value of £3180.  

This isn’t a great amount compared to some of my previous years but I am pleasantly surprised.  Remembering I only started the blog in May and had comped very little in the early part of the year, I also spent 2 months overseas during this time, so 28 wins is really for 6 months moderate comping.  I’m very happy, (but will still seek to improve this year)!  It also shows my readers have great guess work as around 52 wins for the year would have probably been right.

As I mentioned in my original post I don’t enter anything and everything.  I do go for the prizes I want.  Often I go in for easy to enter competitions on facebook and twitter but I will look for ones with very low entries.  Infact 2 of the facebook competitions I won this year I knew I was going to win……. as I was the only entrant!  But definately this year I would like to focus more on creative comping, again looking for those low entry competitions thereby increasing your chances to win.

My two biggest wins last year were the trip to London with £500 spending money from Nestle Bueno, and a Caldesi cookery weekend in the Cotswolds worth £1000.  I found I was busy coming up to Christmas so didn’t do much except twitter competitions but had a great run winning Ringside seats at a Boxing Match, Lunch & a Falconry experience, £40 Wagamama Vouchers, £50 GBK Vouchers, a Topshop Personal Shopping Experience and much more!

I have yet to have my first win of the year but I do have my spreadsheet all ready to record it when it does happen and of course I shall be sharing my wins.  It is really great to keep a record of your wins so you can look back and cheer yourself up in those lean times.  Wishing you all a very happy and lucky 2014.

I’d love to hear how many wins you had in 2013?

287 thoughts on “New Years Resolutions 2014 & Wins from 2013

  1. None as I wasn’t comping last year! I have been comping since December 2012 and have had over 10 wins so far, nothing life changing but lovely wins still – Theatre tickets, Amazon vouchers, DVDs, Cosmetic items, a big personalized photo canvas, a chocolate hamper etc 🙂

  2. I love comping inbetween contracting & have been winning on average at least once a week. My best wins of 2013 were tickets to Bestival, Maxi-Cosi baby gear and a Blackberry smartphone. Lately I keep winning lots of skincare which is a treat. Hoping I can win xmas pressies for the nephews.

  3. I won approximately 65 prizes last year. My favourite was a new computer which all my family use. My best prize since I started comping was a holiday to Dubai. Fantastic.

    • More than one a week I think is a fabulous average. Dubai is on my ‘hitlist’ of comping wins I’d like, I’ll let you know if I win and you can tell me the sights I need to see! Heres to a successful comping year for all in 2014.

    • I had a winning trip to Hong Kong, its the most amazing place. There are so many countries in the world to visit I don’t often think I would want to visit a place more than once- but Hong Kong I definately would. Shopping heaven! Hope you have more holiday wins in 2014.

  4. Hi, I won 14 prizes last year, I’m easing into this hobby gently. My best win was probably a case of beer. Fingers crossed for more this year!

  5. im not sure of the value of my prizes, but in 2013 i won tickets to an acoustic Travis gig, tickets to Strictly Confidential (Strictly come dancing), a few smaller prizes of make up etc and the best we have yet to take is a trip to Paris! Would love to win this one too to start off 2014!

  6. I won 104 prizes in 2013, mostly books and dvd’s which are great. My biggest win of last year was a laminator, worth £100, which i have wanted for ages. I have made a good start to 2014 with 6 wins under my belt.

  7. Last year I did not comp as much as previous years as i started working longer hours but I still won an average of 6 prizes a month to make a total of about £3000 worth of prizes. Most were small prizes but I have won a few tickets to concerts, an xbox package and the best came at the end of December when i won a £800 pound laptop (something I have wanted to win for ages).

  8. I had a lovely win this Christmas – a road racing bike that I always wanted, just waiting for the delivery at the moment.

  9. I only started entering comps in mid December but already won a personalised Wilkinsons razor, was so excited, I’m pretty lucky too but will still be reading all your tips on here thaks

  10. Only just started comping and had a few small wins but the best win that i have had was a harvey nichols food hamper which was worth £150.00. Wasnt going to use all the foods in the hamper so i donated it to Kirkwood Hospice for a raffle. Hopefully they will have some luck and raise some money to put towards the hospice

    • Thats very kind of you, and one of the great things about comping – if the prize isn’t suitable for you it can also be used as a present or given to charity. I hope you have a successful year in 2014.

  11. I cannot tell you how many but the prize total was approx £6710. This year has already started well with 100 bottles of wine! hic! And an overnight stay at Ston Easton Park

  12. I was comping on and off last year but won maybe around 20 prizes! My biggest win was a designer baby bundle worth £150! This year I am going fully dedicate my time to comping and making a spreadsheet of my winnings! Excited for 2014! 🙂

  13. I really need to keep records but guestimate since comping since September I have won over 3k worth. The best being 3 google Nexus and £150 of Google play on the kit kat comp.

  14. i had only 6 wins last year but my favourite win was just before christmas and i had won a harrods hamper worth around 500 pounds it was so amazing i couldnt believe it was proper chuffed 🙂

  15. I only entered advent competitions in 2013, won less, but better, prizes compared to other years. I am terrible for keeping track, so I’m not sure how many exactly, maybe that should be my New Years Resolution also!

  16. I tried comping a couple of years ago but never won anything so lost heart in it. I started up again about June 13 and never expected anything, until I received a phone call to say I’d won some Lanson Champagne. I was really excited and continued to comp with a vengeance. I’ve won lots of little prizes since then, such as tickets to exhibitions and gigs, a magazine subscription, 2 novels, 5 boxes of porridge, a £25 amazon voucher, 7 beauty gifts and my best prize so far….a £300 racing bike. It just goes to show, if you keep trying, you will win. Here’s to 2014! 🙂

    • Thats a story I hear often, it usually takes an early win to get people hooked, (mine was £1000 in holiday vouchers from Superdrug and I never looked back)! But I’m so pleased you started again and have been lucky. I hope this blog gives you some inspiration and you have lots more wins in the future.

  17. i won a fair bit last year considering i only started in september, i had half the kids xmas prezzies from wins 🙂 so this year im determined my hobby will pay for christmas 🙂
    some of my best wins were – £100 pre paid mastercard, £100 high street vouchers, supermarket vouchers, amazon vouchers, hugeee hamper of cadburys choc, lots of baby/children items 🙂

  18. I only started comping at the start of December and don’t enter every day but managed to win win one prize- a lovely children’s book. It was a lovely surprise 🙂

  19. i didn’t keep a track of all the wins but maybe i should start off this year. The best was a photographic holiday for 1 , which my partner went on to Chamonix

  20. Wow Amazing
    my favourite win was for my sister a years supply of contact lenses & a pair of Raybans for her too.
    also won a hairdryer which has argan oil in it so conditions your hair while you dry genius is about £90 too.
    i would Love an ipad prize

  21. an ipad, a pushchair, money, meals out, weekend break, theatre tickets,….I enter 40 per day so bound to win something

  22. I didn’t really start entering until late in the year, Aug/Sept. My favourite win was a 4 night break to Bluestone Resort just before my 2nd daughter was born. The lodge was beautiful and really luxurious, the best thing that has happened so far in 2014 is that I’ve won another 4 night stay for my birthday 🙂

  23. My comping is more intense when the children are at school but not so much when they are on their holidays; last year my favourite wins were an IPad and a double bed. Also won my first trip away – to the Good Food Show in Birmingham .

  24. I would hedge a guess at about thirty prizes, big and small, in the last year, the biggest being a trip to Italy which was amazing.

  25. I had lots of wins last year, not sure of the total value. Some of my favourite wins were vouchers as they were so useful. I won an entertainment bundle prize, TV, bluray and sound system – that was one of my faves. I won £1000 on bingo, not exactly a competition but it was a memorable prize! It was a great year looking back x

  26. I only started on the 19th October last year but from them until the end of December, I won a total of 14 prizes…mostly small. My best win was a Body Shop advent calender. My worst (but should have been my best) was a Prada handbag that turned out to be counterfeit.

    I’ve had a few nice wins this year also 🙂

    • Oh thats a shame about the handbag, unfortunately as competitions have grown there are some, dare I say it, ‘dodgy’ competitions out there. I prefer to stick to ones from local companies I know and trust – or big nationals where they are managed by professional marketing teams. I hope this blog will be an inspiration and you have a successful year in 2014.

  27. Won several competitions in 2013…mostly several £5 cheques from Tropicana bottles. My best prize was a pair of first class tickets to anywhere in the country using one train operator. I also won a night’s stay with bed and breakfast in a hotel in Scotland. Could have used both these prizes together and got a free holiday but decided not to!

  28. I won a holiday for me and my two daughters to centre parks this summer, which is such a blessing as i wouldn’t have been able to afford to take them anywhere this year otherwise 🙂

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  30. I have just discovered your blog and I am finding it very inspiring. I Hope 2014 is a lucky year for you (and me too). I have taken a few years break from comping, although I did have a surprise win earlier in the year when my name was picked out of the hat for the lancs W.I. for a bursary to do a course at Denman College. I didn’t even know about it until I got the letter – the names of all the Wi’s under lancashire had been put in. I had a wonderful four days learning dressmaking with May Martin (from tv’s ‘The Great British Sewing Bee’), with travel, accomodation, meals and £50 towards equipment paid for. In total it was worth £500.

    I’d not done any comping all year, but decided to do the advent comps with a vengence. I won a few small prizes including a cat litter box. I took that as a sign that I should get a new cat and have just adopted ‘Baby,’ a 4 year old little tortie, and I’m so glad I did!!!. But the big win was on Recombu’s Advent competition – I won the star prize of a 32″ Samsung SMART led tv (now on my bedroom wall) and an Iphone 5c (just as the contract for my old phone was coming to an end), and a Triple Supercar Driving Experience. It was all delivered by courier on Christmas Eve making for a lovely Christmas present. 2014 and I’m back comping with a vengence!

    • I’m so glad you find the blog inspiring – and well done you on your wins! I have been comping on and off for over 15 years but its a hobby I come back to as I love it – and its rewarding! Heres to a successful 2014 for us both.

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