Is it worth giving up work to enter #Competitions? Can you make a living from entering #Giveaways?

As a successful comper for almost 15 years, I’ve often been asked why I don’t give up work and concentrate on entering competitions.  But can you make a living from comping?  Can you earn enough from giveaways and promotions to not go to work?

The short answer to this is NO!

I’m sure there may be people out there who would argue this point, as always in life people have different opinions.  But these are my reasons as to why you should not set upon comping as a career, but enjoy it as a (potentially lucrative) hobby.

  • THERE IS NO GUARANTEE YOU WILL WIN – Firstly and most importantly this is what you must realise.  Yes there are ways to improve your chances, (which I share on this blog so do subscribe)!  But you can have very long dry spells even when you enter 100s of competitions daily.  The mortgage or rent still needs to be paid during these times.
  • MINIMAL CASH GIVEAWAYS – Actual real hard cash competitions are few and far between.  It is unfortunately the currency in which you need to pay your mortgage or rent.
  • RESALE VALUE – If you are a very lucky and/or hardworking comper it is likely you will win some high value prizes.  A widescreeen TV, an iPad, maybe even the compers dream of a car.  If you were to sell these items yes it would generate income, but unfortunately not the full rrp.  It is likely if you did win a fabulous prize you’d probably want to keep it for yourself anyway, (I know I do)!
  • HOLIDAYS – Many holidays (and some experiences) are non-transferable and can only be taken by the winner so resale is not allowed, and no income can be generated.  Thats fine you say, you like holidays anyway.  But imagine you’ve just had a call to say you’ve won 2 weeks in Hawaii.  You have to go straight away though, and you haven’t made enough from comping this month to pay the mortgage or rent.  If you go you will miss two weeks work of entering as well.  Its not a situation I would like to be in.
  • AN ADDICTION – Any seasoned comper will tell you entering competitions, if you are so inclined to the hobby, is highly addictive and takes over your life!  We gladly spend hours filling in our details, taking wacky photographs, and coming up with tongue-tastic tiebreakers simply because we enjoy it.  If we could make a living and give up our jobs we definitely would as we’re all a bit bonkers!

Arguably entering competitions is more about saving money than making it.  It would take time and effort to sell on and make profit from the numerous small prizes.  But winning such goods as tea-towels or toiletries saves you from buying them.  I know I’m not alone in gifting some wins which saves on birthdays and at Christmas time.  Even winning a holiday saves on that budget.

Can you make a living from entering competitions?

Can you make a living from entering competitions?

Most people I know who are highly successful in winning put the hours in that would be equivalent to a part, or even full time position.  But they still don’t earn enough to pay the mortgage or rent every month of the year.  They have another guaranteed income stream for that.  Competitions can provide a way for a family on a modest income to have a few luxuries in life, but in my personal opinion there is no such thing as a professional comper.

I hope this has given you a useful insight if you are new to entering competitions and had questions to ask.  For those seasoned compers amongst you it would be great to hear your thoughts?  I have another post planned to discuss the term ‘professional comper’, something I personally find a little irritating!

11 thoughts on “Is it worth giving up work to enter #Competitions? Can you make a living from entering #Giveaways?

  1. I think this is an excellent post – too many people think they can live on comping wins and then become disillusioned when they don’t win.

  2. I agree with your thoughts. I finished my part time job in December so have had more time to enter even more competitions than normal but wins haven’t really increased (yet!) They just provide some extra pocket money, treats and some come in useful for gifts. However I have had one or two ‘good’ wins recently – a Nescafe De Gusto Coffee Maker from After Eight on Facebook, Kindle e-ink from Galaxy (Text), Football tickets (Twitter) and £50 cash (Twitter). Most of my wins seem to come from Facebook.
    I do enjoy doing crazy photo’s with the family (much to their annoyance) – the things I did with Krave cereal last summer!!!
    Comping is a good, fun, hobby, which needs perseverance as many people give up too easily.
    You have had some great wins, I would love to win a luxury holiday in this country – so far have only won a basic weekend and a one week caravan holiday last year.

    • Thanks for your comments Sandra. I think the point I was trying to make was, despite the fact my wins in 6 weeks already this year reached over £2000 – that doesn’t directly correlate to a bank account which will pay the mortgage. Comping is a fabulous hobby, and a great income to many – but don’t rely on it for the bills. You’ve had some fabulous wins there, I’m not doing very well on facebook this year but twitter is good for me – but you know what its like that could change next month! By the sounds I think your perseverance will pay off and you’ll be enjoying that luxury holiday very soon. Happy Comping 😉

  3. the main thing is, it’s just not guaranteed. If you take in to account the amount of time taken to enter competitions and the rewards its greatly outweighed. But it’s a hobby and I enjoy it. If you win something, then great but you shouldn’t ever rely on it!

    • Thank you. Exactly! I always joke I am such a form-filler geek, I enjoy that and get random bits of knowledge. Sometimes I watch quiz shows and wonder how I know things, and then remember it must have been some question I found for a competition some time. I love it…… but winning is a very welcome bonus! Happy comping.

  4. Hiya, new follower here. I am a comper / competition addict. I love this post, and also dislike the “professional” tag. I wish i was that successful! Haha.

    I don’t work (its complicated) and i know comping isn’t a real income, but i keep my postie in work delivering parcels. 😉

    • Hello new follower and thank you. Comping can be a real income, infact I’ve been in situations which sound similar to yours where it was my only income. But I just wanted to get an article out there to remind people it is by the nature of it down to ‘luck’, and a competition can’t (unfortunately) be relied upon to pay the mortgage. I so wish it did as I love my hobby! Hope you are having a lucky 2014 and this blog gives you some inspiration also.

  5. Really interesting read, Ive only just started comping and yes its an addiction and such a thrill when you do win something!!! I would never give up work though, god no!! lol

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