Save Money

I love Saving Money.  There I said it, I am a (not so secret) Luxury for Less Blogger & Bargain Hunter!

Why I am like I am I do not know but I despair at anyone that pays full price for anything.  Why pay full price when you can get a discount and buy more lovely shoes, bags, CDs, wine, dog food, wine…… you get my drift.  Ahhhhh, I can hear what you’re saying, ‘But Sue, you only get what you pay for’!

I admit in some cases this is true, and thats why I am here and you are going to love reading my blog.  We already agree on so much.  Many retailers these days offer amazing ‘deals’, but I have found sometimes you can get the same item cheaper somewhere else even after their ‘deal’.  Basically:  **SHOCK**  Sometimes as consumers we are being told fibs.  Little white lies about the rrp and discount.  I don’t like it!

Yes, I do want a bargain, but I want a REAL bargain not a pretend one.  For example, I opened up my emails one morning and saw a fabulous deal at a local quality restaurant advertised at 60% off through a voucher scheme , 2 courses for just £9.95.  Because I am like I am I checked on the restaurants’ website directly.  I found the price for a 2 course set menu, (as per the deal), was a staggering…….  £9.99.  I’m not great at maths but I do believe a saving of 4p is not 60% off.

I now always check directly with retailers, hotels, airlines etc. It’s an old adage but it does pay to shop around.  I also believe it doesn’t really matter how much you earn, if your nature is that of which to enjoy ‘a bargain’, you still will.  A REAL bargain can take many shapes and forms.  Whether it be a Haute Couture Dress costing £800 instead of £8000, or a Bottle of £6 wine reduced to £4 – its a real bargain to you if you want and desire that item, and it DID originally cost more.

It is increasingly difficult these days to find what I class a true bargain.  eBay has turned up some fantastics treats for me over the years.  (My favourite was a 2 night glamping stay in a teepee in Wales for just £35)!  But as eBay becomes more business orientated and professional, its actually harder to get the best deals.  However, I will share with you all my know-how and challenge you to find your REAL bargains.

There are lots of interesting things to know when you first start out bargain hunting and I will be blogging about them, as well as my personal money-saving experiences.  Click on the category ‘Save Money’ to find out more!

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