I love Competitions.  There I said it, I am a (not so secret) Comper!

The reason I love comping is because I love free stuff.  Whether it be a trip to Australia or a packet of crisps, (yes I’ve won both).  How can it not make you happy to receive something for free.  I find people have an enormous amount of scepticism regarding competitions.  People often say to me, ‘no one ever wins’, ‘I never win anything’, and my personal favourite, ‘no one gives anything away for free’!

Actually companies are falling over themselves to give goods and services away for free for one simple reason.  It’s a great way to promote themselves.  For example; A pair of tickets to a festival actually costs nothing except the paper it is printed on, but if 10,000 people enter a competition to win them.  That is 10,000 people ‘reached’ in advertising terms.  A company could pay hundreds of pounds for a magazine advert.  But these days with the advent of social media, a competition on Facebook or twitter could have the same reach, and the campaign would cost them nothing.

Over the years I have featured in many publications due to my ‘winning ways’.  It really is a great hobby and these have been some of my favourite prizes;

  • A trip to visit the Jim Beam Factory in Louisville, Kentucky, USA – courtesy of Jim Beam
  • Walking up the Red Carpet in Leicester Square, London for the Premiere of Pirates of The Caribbean – courtesy of MTV
  • Flying first class to Snowboard in Val D’isere with full skiwear & equipment provided – courtesy of
  • Partying VIP style with 7 friends (and lots of champagne)! on New Years Eve in London – courtesy of Kiss.FM
  • Travelling first class on Eurostar to stay in a French Chateau, with Michelin starred dining – courtesy of The Sunday Times 
  • A weeks Cookery Course at the Prue Leith School in London, (with 5* hotel accommodation just off Kensington High St. thrown in) – courtesy of The Butter Board

These are just some wins I especially enjoyed.  I have won countless event and theatre tickets, hotel stays, TVs, vouchers, anything and everything from Shower Gel to a tent.  As I write I’m pondering over the strangest thing I have ever won……..  I think that has to be having my image made into a ghost to star in a computer game!  That’s what I love about competitions – the chance to do things a ‘normal’ person would not get to do.

Isn’t comping great?!  Yes, I thought I might have changed your mind.  This tends to happen when I talk about my wins.  I tell people about it and then they get all excited, they start entering competitions, they don’t win anything by day 2, then they stop comping and declare ‘no one ever wins’, ‘I never win anything’, and my personal favourite, ‘no one gives anything away for free’!

There are lots of interesting things to know when you first start out comping and I will be blogging about them, as well as my personal winning experiences.  Click on the category ‘Competitions’ to find out more!

9 thoughts on “Competitions

  1. I think if you have dedication with competitions it can certainly enhance your life, like self employment money is not agreed. I think combining the two is definite winner. It does seem people want make living from either competitions or posting competition, personally i do not want people making living from my hobby, as i would not except to make living from competition person. But then sharing information around friends like your blog is very good idea and helpful to people starting out..

    • Agree completely, its definitely enhanced mine! I’ve been to Australia, America and all over Europe from comping. I was just trying to make the point unfortunately it is not a guaranteed option for paying the monthly bills. Reading the rest of your comment I have to say it doesn’t bother me personally that people make money from posting competitions, (i’m guessing you mean the magazines or online subscription services)? I don’t currently use them myself as I like to source my own comps, but when I was starting out I loved getting my monthly magazine, and sometimes over the years I’ve subscribed to things again, I’ve even been a ‘comper of the month’, which won me £500! Everyone has their own way to ‘comp’ and I think the services are enjoyable to many, each to their own and all that. As long as people aren’t being duped, if they want a service and pay for it its just down to personal choice, some people don’t have the time to do all the searches themselves. The idea behind this blog was to help people when they are starting out, and it was also supposed to give some money saving tips but I seem to have become engrossed in competitions! 😉 I hope you are having a very successful 2014 and will take some future enjoyment from my posts.

  2. I also love comping …. I have won many times with it totaling about 800 pounds from June 2013 through Dec 2013. This year I have won about 100 pounds worth of prizes so far. I am also postng comments for the Bracelet comp. Thanks 🙂

  3. Everything you have said is exactly what people say to me! Your so lucky, how do you do it? but the simple fact is you are right you make your own luck ‘In It to Win It@ and its as simple as that! Just since January I have won £250.00 one 4 All vouchers, personalised razor blade, family theme park tickets, an IPad a jumper and just today won a family ticket with best seats to the Circus which my kids are going to love and that I personally wouldn’t have been able to afford! Also, little wins too which I still get excited over because its a win! When I tell people I have won something they all start to enter too! what they don’t realise is that I have a part time paid job and then in my spare time I spend it comping!!! I actually enjoy it and the main thing is I don’t give up as its a hobbie for me now 🙂 I have enjoyed reading everything on your website x

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