Make Money

I like Making Money.  There I said it, I am a (not so secret) normal person!

(Because doesn’t everybody like making money)!??!

Note I say ‘like’ and not ‘love’.  Because for some reason I am personally more motivated by saving money than making it.  Without provoking a whole nature versus nurture discussion here, I’m happy just to say us human beings are all different.  It has never ‘floated my boat’ to be earning a huge amount of money, (and a sweeping statement here), but not living life.  I prefer to get by financially and have time to do lovely experiences, share laughs with friends, and even an occasional lazy weekday walking the dog.

You are probably now thinking – “So Sue, why on earth should we look at your blog for Money Making Tips?”

Well the reason you are here is because you are looking to save money no doubt, you’ve found me through my luxury for less blogging posts or competitions.  But you were nosey and thought to yourself an extra pound here and there might come in useful, so you clicked on the ‘Make Money’ page.  Well, I’ve had exactly that thought a few times over the years.  A little extra money can often come in very handy.

I’ve experienced some of the most regular things people deem to be ‘easy’ ways to earn cash.  These have included;  Mystery Shopping, Being a Film Extra, and Selling Stories to Magazines.

A selection of Publications I have appeared in......

A selection of Publications I have appeared in……

There are lots of interesting things to know when you first start out trying to make some extra cash.  I will be blogging about them here, as well as my personal money-making experiences.  Click on the category ‘Make Money’ to find out more!

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