I love Reviews.  There I said it, I am a (not so secret) Reviewer!

I’ve always loved reading, and listening, to other peoples experiences of products and services.  I think there is no better, (or potentially worse), recommendation than to hear what someone in your peer group thinks.  If I need to stay in a new town and am looking for a hotel I will ask my friends if they have been there, and do they know a good place to stay.  Friends tell you the truth.

  • “It was a lovely room but just wish we’d been nearer to town”
  • “It was a beautiful meal but the service was terrible”
  • “I received one of those for Christmas – it broke after two days!”

I would like to be your friend as you have been so kind as to visit my blog, and I’m almost your best friend if you are following it!  So allow me to review for you.

I have previously worked as a Mystery Shopper, examining standards in many High Street Retailers and Large Chain Hospitality Firms.  As well as being a typical girl and loving any hair and beauty products, clothes, shoes and handbags, I’m also a seasoned traveller and bargain hunter – so I do feel well placed to offer up my services as a reviewer.

My review in 'The Daily Telegraph' after staying at a Best Western Hotel.

My ‘Daily Telegraph’ review after staying at a Best Western Hotel near Birmingham, (with my best, & most long suffering friend, Claire)!

Being a mystery shopper the requirements of many of the big chains often float around in my head.  If I pop into a Tesco Express and see no banana’s, milk, or bread on a regular basis – I can’t help but think the manager will be in for the chop.  Dining at a Toby Carvery and I don’t get my check back and plates cleared within the specified times, I’m thinking the server will be on a Customer Service course soon!

*** I feel my friends cringe as they read this and say.  “Oh, please let Sue be nice!” ***

Being a Northerner I have a reputation for saying what I think.  You can be assured that any reviews will be of my honest opinion.  But I am always fair.

There are lots of interesting things to review in the world and I will be blogging about them, as well as my personal reviewer experiences.  Click on the category ‘Reviews’ to find out more!

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