Important Information


There are many ways to contact me for the many reasons you may want to!

Firstly, if you have an opinion on any of my posts please do COMMENT on them and then I can respond to you.  I love Social Media so feel free to follow the blog on Facebook and Twitter, be generous – give me a like or a tweet every day now and again!

Link to Blog on Facebook:

Link to Blog on Twitter:


Firstly, please see the page entitled ‘Advertising & PR info’ – then if you are comfortable please drop me a line on;


I offer a range of services relating to competitions, promotions, and social media in which to assist and develop your business.  Please view the page entitled ‘Services I offer’ – then simply drop me a line on;


I do not offer a comping service I’m afraid, but if you would just like to be nosey and see what competitions I an entering via Social Media.  You are welcome to be my friend on Facebook, and follow my personal account on Twitter which I use to enter competitions.

Link to me on Facebook:

Link to me on Twitter:

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