Free Travel

I love Travel.  There I said it, I am a (not so secret) Sightseer!

Like many people in the UK I used to have a ‘proper’ job, one which involoved me getting up early and rushing around with no time to enjoy breakfast.  Then getting home very late, after working very hard, for very little money, and feeling like doing nothing else much than sitting in my onesie.  Yes, I used to work in recruitment.  I’d always loved travel and been lucky through my comping hobby to have 3 or 4 holidays each year.  Sometimes I struggled to get the time off from work to do all the lovely things I wanted to do.  So I decided to indulge myself and take a ‘late gap year’.

But as you know by now, (if you’ve read the pages from left to right), I buzz off a bargain.  So I set myself a very minimal budget for my year out and set about figuring out how I could travel as cheaply as possible.  I looked at all sorts of volunteering experiences and travel opportunities, and I found the cheapest ways to go abroad – I also found in some instances you can travel for free!  Now let me manage your expectations, I can not provide you with a way to fly first class and stay in a 5* hotel in Dubai for free, (well unless you follow my comping tips)!  But I can help you to travel the world by offering your services, taking part in projects, and sniffing out the best deals.

During my year out I did many experiences which I will blog about.  But briefly, I had two completely ‘free’ trips away.  I spent 4 weeks volunteering in Malta with all flights and accommodation provided, I worked with cats and also received a weekly allowance of 60 euros for food!  I had a fabulous time and made lots of new friends, as I did when I spent a month picking olives in Sicily.  Again, all flights, accommodation, and meals were provided.  I hear the sound of your voice again, ahhhhh, but Sue we can’t just go away for a month and leave our responsibilities!

Well, I haven’t quite gone back to the ‘proper’ job as you might have guessed, but I have gone back to normality.  I don’t just up sticks and go off for a month travelling anymore, don’t you remember I have Wills to look after!  So now I seek out fab deals on UK breaks away, ideally dog friendly, and I can give you hints and tips for that too.

There are lots of interesting things to know when you first start out Travelling and I will be blogging about them, as well as my personal holiday and day trip experiences.  Click on the category ‘Travel’ to find out more!

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